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Success stories

through the words of clients

These are just a few notes from my satisfied customers.  Being an integral part of helping them get back to life without pain has brought me much joy!
I love hearing my patients’ stories and successes.  Please click on the button below to drop me a note to share your thoughts.

"Thank you Deborah.  You have given me hope and so much valuable care...  You are truly a healer!"

- Barbara E

"I appreciate your professionalism and caring during the time I have been under your care.  Thank you for always being patient and willing to really listen to my concerns regarding my therapy and progress..."

- Rose S

"Thank you for helping me prep for surgery.  Thanks for being part of my recovery.  Thank you for all the kind words whenever you'd see me.  It meant a lot..."

- Katherine H

"... Although your hands-on care did help me so much, it was also what you did on a daily basis that truly helped me along my road to recovery.  It's not very easy for a care giver such as myself to be the one in need of care from others.  You were truly there for me, always greeting me with a smile, asking me each day how I was doing... You are the consummate care giver, Deborah, doing for others not because you had to, but because you are in reality a truly kind and caring person..."

- Eileen F

"... The past nine months helping, guiding, and supporting me to heal - not only physically has been so appreciative.  I could not have gotten here without you."

- Linda B

"Deborah is a skilled, patient and empathic physical therapist! I worked with her to overcome a hip injury. She understands the human body and is attuned to its limitations and possibilities. I am forever grateful to Deborah for her excellent work and getting me up and running again! You won't be disappointed!"

- Karen F

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